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  Generator Set Controls


All models are available with manual or auto-start; full array AC meters; engine SWICHGAGE® instruments and optional DC instruments.



Small Size Generator Control Panel:

  • MGC2000 Generator Control Systems (.pdf file)MGC2000
    - New dynamic design allows for easy installation and full
      operation flexibility.
    - Features AS3000 engine/generator controller.
    - User-friendly, well-thought out routine for faster and
      easier set up.
    - 1/4” push-on terminations for easier interface.
    - Front panel setup of overspeed and crank disconnect speed.



MURPHYMATIC® Generator Control:

  • MGC900 Series Generator Controller MGC900
    MURPHYMATIC® generator controls provide engine and generator controls as required by NFPA-110.
    MGC901: Auto start-stop per NFPA-110, Level 1.
    MGC902: Auto start-stop per NFPA-110, Level 2.
    MGC903: Automatic start-stop controller per NFPA-110, Level 2 with 8 additional unlabeled alarms.



Modular Generator Panel:

  • MGC921 Series (.pdf file)MGC921
    - Most economical configuration with all the basic requirements.
    - Available in manual or auto-start.
    - 12 or 24 VDC battery voltage.
    - Single phase or 3-phase.
    - Full featured.



Digital Generator Panels:

  • MGC447, MGC547, MGC547-110 Series (.pdf file)MGC547
    - Feature microprocessor-based controller.
    - Remote communications and control capabilities.
    - Data displayed on a back lit LCD.
    - MGC447 pre-programmed, fully-featured.
    - MGC547 built-in advanced communications.
    - MGC547-110 meets NFPA 110, expandable.



Manual and Automatic Start and Monitoring for Diesel Engines:

  • Keystart 9700 Series: KS9700KS9700
    - Manual start engine controller and automatic fault protection
    - Keyswitch operation for enhanced security.
    - Switchable 12 or 24 VDC power supply.



Generator Controllers Autostart Series:
Microprocessor-based programmable generator controllers provide control features for automatic or manual starting generator engines and/or pumps. They also have keyswitch selectable automatic, manual and test modes. The LCD shows operating mode, system status, timer information and generator RPM/Hz. Comes with a universal 12 or 24 VDC power supply.


  • AS705 (.pdf file)
    Programmable controller with automatic or manual mode operations via selectable keyswitch.

  • AS710 (.pdf file)
    Similar features to AS705 with LCD display.

  • AS730 / AS731 (.pdf file)
    Fully featured generator controller with similar features to AS705 and the addition of 3-phase generator voltage and current measurements, display and fault tripping.




Automatic Controllers for Generator Engines:

  • AS3000 Basic Auto-Start  Module (.pdf file)AS3000
    - Highly competitive microprocessor-based design auto start
      module suited to generator sets.
    - Performs more functions than any controller available at its
    - Easy-to-operate faceplate with membrane key path and LED’s
      with international nomenclature.