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  Engine Panels


Irrigation / Industrial / Agricultural Engine Panels:

  • 75160 Model75160 Model
    - For irrigation power units.
    - Semi-enclosed panel with open back.
    - Pressure, temperature and pump pressure SWICHGAGE®,
      and shutdown Magnetic Switch.
  • WHB ModelWHB Model
    - Open panel for direct mount to flywheel housing.
    - Pressure and temperature SWICHGAGE®, amp, and shutdown
      Magnetic Switch.
    - Provision for pump pressure or vacuum SWICHGAGE®.
  • W0168 SeriesW0168 Series
    - Suitable for irrigation engines, generators and hydraulic pumps.
    - Semi-enclosed panel with open back.
    - Easy mounting and use on a variety of applications.
    - Pressure and temperature SWICHGAGE® instruments, ammeter and a
      Magnetic Switch are standard components.
    - Provision for additional SWICHGAGE® and tachometer.
    - Back cover plate is available.
  • W0156 and W0169 for Air Cooled EnginesW0156 Model
    - For irrigation engines and industrial power units.
    - Specially designed for air and liquid cooled engines.
    - Unitized weatherproof engine panel.
    - May be shock mounted.
    - Bolts directly to flywheel housing or use a bracket of your design.
    - Monitors cylinder head temperature (W0156) or water/oil
      temperature (W0169), and oil pressure. (Optional 3rd gage or SWICHGAGE®)
  • W0162 and W0163 Cummins B and C SeriesW0163 Model
    - Specifically for Cummins B and C Series engines.
    - Kit is complete with oil line and all fittings.
    - Standard kit includes pressure and temperature SWICHGAGE® instruments,
      voltmeter, hourmeter, and Magnetic Switch.
    - Choose key or push button start.
    - A mounting hole is provided for addition of a tachometer.
    - Mounts to Cummins bracket.
  • WD100 SeriesWD100 Series
    - Used for mobile equipment or stationary power units.
    - Enclosed panel available with two or three SWICHGAGE® instruments for
      alarm and/or shutdown, and a TATTLETALE® Magnetic Switch.
    - Supplied with pressure hose and fittings.
    - Universal mounting bracket. May be mounted vertically or horizontally.
    - The gimbal mounting bracket allows you to rotate or tilt the panel.
  • WD300 SeriesWD300 Series
    - Semi-enclosed panel for diesel engines with oil pressure and water
      temperature SWICHGAGE® instruments, TATTLETALE®
      Magnetic Switch and emergency stop push button.
    - Comes with SV-Series diesel fuel shutoff valve.
    - WD300LV is less fuel valve for engine with built-in ETR fuel
      solenoid, battery ignition engines, RP Series shutdown solenoids.



Mobile Equipment Panels:
The WAI Series Panels are complete diagnostic, engine-protection systems.  Any vehicle or engine can be monitored and in case of potentially damaging conditions an alarm will operate before the engine is shut down.

WAI panels feature direct-reading, mechanical SWICHGAGE® instruments (gauge and limit switch in one) and SELECTRONIC® relays and alarms. SWICHGAGE’s® are internally lighted for night illumination.

  • WAI-2 Panel AssemblyWAI-2 Panel
    Open style panel assembly for under or on top dash mounting. Offers alarm-only protection.  If low oil pressure or high block coolant temperature threaten the engine, a warning light will flash and a MINI-SIREN® will sound alerting you of potentially damaging conditions. 1 panel includes:
    - 1 oil pressure SWICHGAGE®
    - 1 coolant temperature SWICHGAGE®
    - 1 MINI-SIREN®
    - 1 TL7 flashing alarm light
    - Available in 12 VDC or 24 VDC
  • WAI-3
    Like WAI-2 panel with a 3rd SWICHGAGE® for block coolant pressure (0-15 psi).
  • WAI-4
    Like WAI-2 panel with a 3rd SWICHGAGE® for transmission temperature (140-300 degrees F).
  • WAI-7WAI-7 Panel
    - Open panel for under the dash mounting.
    - Pressure and temperature SWICHGAGE®.
    - Visual and audible alarms before shutdown.
  • WAI-8
    WAI-7 panel assembly plus transmission pressure SWICHGAGE®.
  • WAI-9
    WAI-7 panel assembly plus transmission temperature SWICHGAGE® instead of coolant pressure.



Marine / Industrial Engine Panel:

  • W0149W0149 Panel
    - For marine engines, drilling engines, and heavy-duty engines.
    - 316 stainless steel face on semi-enclosed steel housing.
    - Specify functions monitored.
    - Shock mounted brackets attach to engine brackets.



Plug and Go MurphyLink™ Panels:
MurphyLink™ typical panels are designed for quick and easy installation on diesel powered equipment for industrial, marine, and heavy equipment applications.  Each panel communicates with Electronic Control Modules (ECM) over the J1939 communications network. MurphyLink™ components can be standard or optional depending on your application needs.

Three Basic Standard Configurations are available (depending on engine manufacturer, model, and application requirements).
- Variable speed control via potentiometer type throttle controller. For use on pumps,
  construction equipment, etc.
- Simple Idle/Run speed control via a switch to toggle between two speed preset in the
  engine ECM (may also ramp speed up or down using optional toggle switch).
- Preset speed control for generator applications (speed is programmed into the engine
  ECM - no speed control device on the panel).

Basic Standard Panels include the MDDM display module, MLink oil pressure, coolant temperature, voltage and tachometer gages, fuses, and speed control devices.
(.pdf file)

  • M100 SeriesMurphyLink Panel
    Basic flat panel includes display and diagnostic module.
  • M200 Series
    Flat panel solution. Includes display and diagnostic module, and analog MurphyLink™ gages.  Also includes connector for quick installation.
  • M300 Series
    Wall mounted panel solution. Includes display and diagnostic module, and analog MurphyLink™ gages.