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Kim Hotstart
The Ultimate in Engine Preheating since 1942



Kim Hotstart products are found around the world wherever industrial equipment, engines, on-road generator sets and hydraulic equipment is found. On truck and railroad engines, far below the surface of the oceans, in desert wastelands, and high in the mountains.  Using Kim Hotstart Preheaters feature:

  • Easy starts
    • saves warm-up time
    • saves fuel
    • prolongs battery life
    • provides immediate defrosting
    • improved starting reliability for emergency units
  • Reduced engine wear
    • 90% of engine wear is due to low water jacket temperature
    • stops destructive condensation
    • extends time between overhauls
  • Environment protection
    • eliminates “white smoke” upon startup
    • reduces idle time
    • engine is ready for clean full power operation
    • reduces noise pollution
    • no high idle speed

Kim Hotstart Preheaters are available for all types of engine and industrial applications:

  • Preheating of both lube oil and coolant for engines of all sizes
  • External and internal immersion coolant heaters
  • Convection circulation and pump circulation
  • Heating of coolant, lube oil, and diesel fuel for layover periods to ensure easy start
  • Heating of fuel oil for standby units such as generator sets to ensure reliable start
  • Industrial, marine, railroad, and on-road applications
  • Heating of hydraulic, transmission, and industrial oils
  • Controls and accessories
  • Hazardous locations (Class I Group D) and weather tight
  • Battery warmers and thermal pads

Kim Hotstart products are available in a wide variety of models and configurations.  If you don’t see a product to meet your heating requirements call or e-mail for information about the full Kim Hotstart product line.

Kim Hotstart Catalog in PDF Format


Tank Style Coolant Heaters

Kim Hotstart Tank Style
  • From 750 to 5000 Watts (up to 1650 cubic inch engine)
  • Constant circulation of coolant through the engine via convection
  • Models for hazardous locations (Class I Group D)
  • Weather tight
  • All voltages and phases available

Kim-Glo Direct Coolant Immersion HeatersKim-Glo Immersion Heaters

  • Mount directly into the water jacket of the engine
  • Specific designs for each engine type
  • Available in 120 volt or 240 volt from 500 watt to 1500 watt
  • Designs available for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford, John Deere, Komatsu, Mack, Navistar, Perkins, and Volvo


Lube Oil HeatersKim Hotstart Lube Oil Heaters

  • Threads into the engine’s oil pan to keep the oil warm and viscous during engine shutdown
  • Available in 120, 208, 240, 277, 380, 480 and  575 volt AC, single phase and 12 and 24 volt DC, range from 75 to 600 watts
  • Available in a weather tight construction or Class 1, Group D for hazardous location.
  • Thermostat control available and recommended for all models

Industrial Immersion Heaters

  • Designed for heating transmission fluid, hydraulic oil and diesel fuel
  • Heaters can be installed in diesel fuel storage tanks and day tanks for standby diesel engine generator sets to eliminate gelling and guarantee startup in cold weather
  • Available in 120 to 600 volt,  single or three phase, from 500 to 4000 watt
  • Models available for Class 1, Group D Hazardous locations
  • 12 and 24 volt DC heaters are available
  • Thermostat control available and recommended for all models


Kim Hotstart Recirculating SystemsIndustrial Coolant and Lube recirculation Systems

  • Used for shutdown and layover periods for engines
  • Recirculating systems pump coolant through an external chamber
  • Coolant heaters available up to 36 kW in single or 3 phase for engines up to 18,000 CID
  • Oil recirculating systems pump lube oil through an external heater
  • As a pre-lube operation, warm oil can be pumped into specific locations, such as critical internal engine components, prior to engine start up
  • Oil circulating systems can also perform post-lube operations to cool down heated engine components gradually
  • Oil heaters available in single and three phase up to 24 kW for oil capacities up to 600 gallons
  • Combination systems available for lube oil, coolant, and fuel oil
  • Systems feature watertight construction
  • Models available in Class 1, Group D hazardous locations

Harnesses and Cords

  • Wiring harnesses for trucks, buses, construction equipment that require multiple heaters and controls
  • Available in 14 and 16 gauge, 3 conductor, and round or  flat cord
  • Save hours of production line labor as they are designed to fit your equipment and eliminate any splicing,  junction boxes and field wiring by the installer

Thermostats and ControlsKim Hotstart Thermostats and Controls

  • General purpose, weather tight and explosion proof thermostats
  • Class 1, Group D hazardous location models available
  • Fixed temperature and adjustable
  • Oil pressure for automatic cutoff of preheaters
  • Complete control systems for 3 phase and high voltage engine preheaters

Battery WarmersKim Hotstart Battery Warmers

  • Therm al wraps and silicon e hot pads available
  • Available in 120 or 240  volt for any size battery
  • Can connect two or more pads together for multi-battery installations
  • Engineered to maintain batteries at 80°F/27°c to ensure full cranking power
  • Impervious to battery acid and oil
  • Other application include hydraulic reservoir heating, oil pan heating, etc.