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Kim Hotstart
The Ultimate in Engine Preheating since 1942



Kim Hotstart Battery Warmers Battery Warmers

Kim Hotstart offers battery warming pads and thermal wraps with built-in thermostats for warming batteries. Even if your engine is nice and warm it won’t start if your battery can’t turn it over it. Kim Hotstart’s low wattage design battery heaters will maintain cranking power in your batteries when the temperature is below 0°F. Available in 120 or 240 volt for any size battery, the unique design of the Hotstart battery heaters allows you to connect two or more pads together to accommodate multi-battery installations. Battery warmers feature:Kim Hotstart Thermal Battery Wraps

  • Engineered to maintain batteries at 80°F/27°c to ensure full cranking power
  • Flexible Silicone rubber pads can be used under the battery to heat from the bottom up
  • Blanket-style heaters and pad heaters are impervious to battery acid and oil
  • All standard battery heaters come with 6 ft. ground cord
  • Pad models for multiple battery applications available with accessory cords and thermostat assembly
  • Blanket-style warmers provide greater heat rise than plates or padsKim Hotstart Silicone Hot Pads

Kim Hotstart Silicone Hot Pads are flexible and easy to install and are also ideal for oil pans, hydraulic reservoirs, engine blocks, and hydraulic cylinders.  The durable silicon/fiberglass cover resists abrasion.

  • Easy peel and stick application
  • Etched foil heating element for optimal heat transfer and long life
  • Assembled with a standard 6 ft. HPN cord and plug