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Kim Hotstart
The Ultimate in Engine Preheating since 1942



Tank Style Coolant PreheatersKim Hotstart Tank Syle
Kim Hotstart Tank Style Coolant Heaters meet any engine heating requirement, regardless of engine size or application.  Tank Style heaters are external heaters that provides the following benefits:

  • Constant circulation of coolant through the engine by thermo-siphon - achieves even heat distribution
  • New one-piece, heavy-duty, pressure die-cast aluminum tank with a bolt-on flange element assembly
  • All parts replaceable for easy service
  • All models classified weather tight
  • All voltages and phases available
  • Most models carry the European CE mark.

Kim Hotstart Tank Style Coolant Heaters maintain an engine’s operating temperature during downtime and  serve as an excellent cold weather starting aid. From small, 500 watt direct  immersion heaters to large capacity circulating systems of 48,000 watts, no  engine should be without one.

Kim Hotstart Tank Style coolant heater types:

  • Small Tank Heaters - These heaters mount external to the engine andVH Series Tank Stlye circulate the coolant through  the water jacket. Coolant is taken from a low point in the cooling system and routed to the heater through a hose. The coolant is then heated and is pumped by  a thermo-siphon process back into an opening near the top of the engine. Under normal conditions all the coolant in theTPS Series Tank Style engine will pass through the heater three or four times every hour.  Two types of these small tank heaters are available; both types are CSA approved.
    • A heavy duty aluminum heater in 120 volt or 240 volt and 750, 1000, or 1500  watt for engines of 150 cubic inch to 500 cubic inch displacement.
    • A high impact, corrosion resistant heater in 120 volt or 240 volt, single phase in 500 watt to 2000 watt for engines of 150 cubic inch to 700 cubic inch displacement.
  • Medium Tank Heaters - These heaters are installed in the same manner asModel CB Tank Style the Small Tank Heaters but are designed to circulate more coolant and are available in 120, 208, 240, or 277 volt, single phase, and up to 2500 watt. These heater can be built with their own power cords or can be installed using rigid or flexible conduit. All heaters are available in watertight construction or for Class 1, Group D hazardous locations. There are many options available so the heater can be  fitted to your unique needs.
  • Large Tank Heaters - Designed for larger engines, these heaters have allModel WL Tank Style the options and benefits of the medium sized tank heaters and are available in 120, 208 240, 277, 380, 480, or 575 volt in single or three phase and in wattage’s up to 5000 watts.
  • Tank Heaters for Hazardous Locations - All models of tank style heatersModel EE Tank Style for Hazardous Locations are available in configurations for Class I, Group D (Hazardous Locations) applications.