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  Marine Generators


Marine Diesel Generators
Marine Gasoline Generators
Marine Generator Accessories


Kohler Power Systems, a leader in the electrical generating industry for more than 75 years, provides one-source responsibility for its generating systems and accessories.  All generator sets are factory engineered, built and productKohler Marine Generatorsion tested.  The Kohler-designed PowerBoost™ and Fast Response™ voltage regulators set the standard for steady, reliable power delivery to all electrical components. The newly designed, sturdy aluminum sound shield incorporates easily removable, insulated modular panels to silence the generator. Each genset is equipped with a controller which offers safety shutdown protection to protect your generator, a running hourmeter for managing maintenance intervals, and various controls including a master control switch and a remote start/stop capability.   A time-tested alternator and proven four-cycle engine delivers peace-of-mind. Single-side access for routine maintenance checks makes Kohler marine generators as practical as they are dependable.
So, whether you are on an extended vacation or just out for the afternoon, nobody makes you feel more at home on the water than Kohler marine generators.  Kohler marine generators offer clean reliable power, low noise and minimal vibration, and easy maintenance. Whatever you do, wherever you go, be sure a Kohler marine generator powers you.