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  Magnetic Switches /
® Annunciators


TATTLETALE® annunciators and Magnetic Switches are the nerve centers that translate SWICHGAGE® contact operations into decisions and operate the alarm or shut down device.  They are electrical load carrying devices for the alarm or shut down device.  TATTLETALE® annunciators indicate which monitored function failed leading to the alarm or shutdown whereas magnetic switches do not.  Magnetic switches operate as a latching relay.



Multi purpose TATTLETALE®:
Featuring dry contacts that can be used to make two circuits and break another when tripped. The operating coil is intermittent duty and must be disconnected by an external circuit when tripped.
(.pdf file)

  • 117 TATTLETALE® Series for Diesel / Battery Ignition518PH Model
    - 12-24 VDC; opens circuits to run device.
    - Disconnects from power after trip.
  • MS2100
    - Operates from 120 VAC or Capacitor Discharge Ignition.
    - The MS2100 is a replacement for 100PH, 307CD, 307PHCD
      and 224CD.
  • MS2110
    - Operates from 12 or 24 VDC or 24 VAC.
    - The MS2110 is a replacement for 221PH, 169PH, 274 and 274PH.
  • MS2120
    - Operates from Magneto Ignition.
    - The MS2120 is a replacement for 307, 307PH and 224.
  • 518PH Model
    - Specify 12 or 24 VDC. Remove power to trip.
    - Open circuit to run device when tripped.
    - 518Ph Same as 517 Series except can be fully wired for CLOSED LOOP™/N.C.
  • 760A / 760APH Models
    760APH Same as 760A Series except push button reset.
    - Specify 12 or 24 VDC.
    - Time delay lockout at start. Remove power to reset.
    - Delay or immediate stop on trip signal.
    - Breaks and makes circuits on trip.
  • 772 and 773 Series
    - Use for energized to stop shutdown systems.
    - Includes lockout time delay on start and alarm delay before shutdown, immediate
      stop on overspeed, and automatic disconnect after trip.
    - Magneto / CD Ignition Failure TATTLETALE®.
    - Senses loss of magneto / CD ignition output and closes fuel valve and grounds
      the ignition for shutdown.



Relay Time Delay Annuciators:

  • R129A SeriesTD781
    - SPDT relay with 10 amp dry contacts. Specify 12 or 24 VDC.
    - Includes 14 amp fuse.
  • TD781 Time Delay
    - Used for “Turbocharger cooldown”.
    - Delay shutdown circuit for 5 minutes after trip signal.
    - Trips from attached push button.
    - Specify 12 or 24 VDC and positive or negative ground.



Remote Alarm Annunciators:
(.pdf file)

  • STAS Series Selectronic® TATTLETALE®ST Series
    - Remote alarm annunciators. 8-40 VDC, 8-32 VAC.
    - Flashing LED denotes point of fault.
    - N.O. or N.C. sensor inputs. Output for general alarm.
    - Pulsating audible MINI-SIREN®. Flush or gimbal mount.
    ST5AS Series: 5 points.
    ST10AS Series: 10 points.
    STA16 Series: 16 points.
    STA110 Series: 16 points labeled per NFPA-110.
    ST10HC Series: 10 point. NFPA-99.
    ST8 Series: 8-point first-out TATTLETALE®.