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  Automation Systems, Engine
         Controllers and Digital Fault Annunciators



Engine Monitoring System / Controllers:
Basic programs provide auto-start or manual start and first-out shutdown for engine functions. UL approvals are pending for Class 1, Div. 2, Grps. C & D Hazardous Areas.

  • Engine Monitoring System
    EMS447 and EMS448 
    (.pdf file)EMS Series
    - For monitoring and control of equipment functions.
    - Can be programmed to a wide variety of engine and
      equipment requirements.
    - Includes service reminder
    - EMS448 features a weatherproof NEMA 4/4X fiberglass
  • Engine Monitoring System with Communication Capabilities
      (.pdf file)
    Same as EMS447 except features enhanced external communications capabilities.



Automatic Start-Stop Controllers:

  • A91 Series Automatic Engine Controller (.pdf fileA91 Series)
    - Microprocessor-based automatic controller.
    - Start-up lockout timer.
    - 5 LED signal indicators.
    - NEMA 3R weatherproof enclosure.
    - Optional warmup-cooldown relays.


  • ASM150 Basic Auto-Start Module (.pdf file)ASM150
    - Automatic engine controller with crank disconnect and overspeed
    - Highly competitive microprocessor-based design automatic start
      control module.
    - Performs more functions than any controller available at its price.


  • ASM160 Additional Outputs (.pdf file)ASM160
    - Same features as ASM150 with additional outputs.
    - Includes field adjustable time delays for glow plugs, warmups, and



SELECTRONIC® Micro-Controllers:
SELECTRONIC® logic control platform. These controllers include standard features not available or only offered as options on PLC’s. Well suited to engines and electric motors for pump and compressor environments. Programmed to your requirements. Trip points are field configurable. Compatible with SWICHGAGE® systems. Opto-isolated inputs, real time clock, and communications capability give control platforms flexibility and on-site convenience. Designed for 12/24 VDC, models include up to 40 digital inputs, 32 outputs, 4 analog inputs. Accessory board for additional analog input/output control is available.

  • Series 400 (.pdf file)Series 400
    - Accepts 24 digital inputs.
  • Series 500 (.pdf file)
    - Accepts 40 digital inputs with complete PLC capabilities.


  • Series 510 Accessory Boards (.pdf file)Series 510 Accessory Board
    - Adds more analog inputs and outputs to the Series 500.



Engine Controllers and Digital Fault Annunciators:

  • Mark III (.pdf file)Mark IV
    Series monitors 32 sensor inputs. Built-in BCD port models available. Approved for Class 1, Div. 2, Grp. D, Hazardous Areas.
  • Mark IV (.pdf file)
    Series monitors 47 sensors. Approved for Class 1, Div. 2, Grp. D, Hazardous Areas.
  • TTDJ
    Series monitors 32 sensors, user-configurable N.O. or N.C. sensors inputs. RS485 Serial communications. Tachometer and overspeed models available. Suitable for Class 1, Div. 2, Grp. D Hazardous Areas.
  • LCDT
    Series monitors 47 sensor inputs with start and stop lockout for up to 15 sensor inputs. Approved for Class 1, Div. 2, Grp. D Hazardous Areas.
  • Annunciator Micro-Controller S1501 (.pdf file)S1501
    - Microprocessor-based alarm and shutdown monitoring and
      control system.
    - Includes built-in tachometer/overspeed functions and hourmeter.
    - Alarm/shutdown for 32 or 64 N.O. or N.C. sensors.
    - RS232 or RS485 Modbus RTU communication.
    - Approved for Class 1, Div. 1, Grps. C & D areas.