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  Electric Gage and Electric


EG Series:
The EG21 Series Electric Gage and the EGS21 Series SWICHGAGE® take the electric gage to new heights with proven state of the art technology and reliability.  Utilizing our proven EG Air Core movement design, the EG21 Series offers technological improvements in overall operation, lighting, accuracy in reading, wiring, and installation. The EG21 Series gives you assurance of highest reliability and service.EGS21

These rugged gages are environmentally sealed and exceed the rigid SAE J1810 standard for reliability operation in tough off-road and power unit environments.  Corrosion-resistant materials are used throughout, making the EG21 highly desirable for marine and other environmentally sensitive applications. Soft, non-glare dial and pointer illumination is provided by a “cold light” LED and when powered the white lettering and clear pointer become soft red. Mirror band eliminates parallax reading error when the pointer and its reflection are aligned.  Easy to install, and fits standard 2-1/16 in. (52 mm) opening.

The EGS21 Series SWICHGAGE® has all of the features of the EG21 Series Gage plus an adjustable set point Power Hall® Effect switch output for operating alarms or equipment shutdown.  The trip point is adjustable over 90% of the scale and has a set point indicator visible from the gage face.  Now you can have both, the ease of electric gage installation and the reliable switching of Murphy’s famous SWICHGAGE®.
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Pressure Gages for EG Series:

  • EG21P Series Pressure Gage
    - Scales through 400 psi (2.76 MPa) [27.60 bar].
    - Various units of measurement available.
    - Pressure sender.
  • EGS21P Pressure SWICHGAGE®
    - Similar to EG21P Series with adjustable switch output for operating alarms or



Temperature Gages for EG Series:

  • EG21T Temperature Gage
    - Dual-scale dials in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius.
    - Two ranges available for:
       100 to 250 degrees F (38 to 120 degrees C) or
       140 to 300 degrees F (60 to 150 degrees C).
    - Suitable for engine coolant or oil temperature.
    - Temperature sender.
  • EGS21T Temperature SWICHGAGE®
    - Similar to EG21T with adjustable switch output.



Fuel Level Gage for EG Series:

  • EG21F Series Fuel Level Gage
    - Monitors tank fuel level from full to empty.
    - Accurate level indication.
    - Float-actuated fuel level senders are available.
    - High visibility pointer.
    - Fuel sender.
  • EGS21F Fuel Level SWICHGAGE®
    - Similar to EG21F with adjustable switch output.



Ammeter Gage for EG Series:

  • EG21A Series Ammeter
    - For +/- 60 amperes (internal shunt) or +/- 100 amperes (internal shunt).
    - Easy to read dial with center zero.
  • EGS21A Ammeter SWICHGAGE®
    - Similar to EG21A with adjustable switch output.



Voltmeter Gage for EG Series:

  • EG21V Voltmeter
    - Available for 12 and 24 volt systems.
    - Easy to read dial.
  • EGS21V Voltmeter SWICHGAGE®
    - Similar to EG21V with adjustable switch output.



Senders for Electric Gages:

  • Pressure Sender
    Three versions available.  Specify pressure range for each sender.
    - ESP: 1-wire sender.
    - ES2P: 2-wire sender drives one gage.
    - ESDP: 2-wire sender drives two gages.
  • Temperature Sender
    Three versions available.  Specify temperature range and thread size.
    130-250 degrees F / 140-300 degrees F (54-121 degrees C / 60-149 degrees C).
    - EST: 1-wire sender.
    - ES2T: 2-wire sender drives one gage.
    - ESDT: 2-wire sender drives two gages.
  • Fuel Level Sender
    Three versions available.
    For use on tanks only. Tank depths 6 to 24 in. (152 to 610 mm).
    - ESF: 1-wire sender.
    - ES2F: 2-wire sender drives one gage.
    - ESDF: 2-wire sender drives two gages.