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  Engine Fluid Level Instruments


Instruments for coolant, fuel and lubricant levels.

Engine Level Coolant SWICHGAGE®: Model L150
(.pdf file)

  • Engine Coolant Level SWICHGAGE® EL150K1 Model
    - Float actuated low level/loss of coolant.
    - SPDT snap switch contact.
    - Manual switch test knob.
  • EL150EX
    - Explosion-proof version of EL150K1.  Class 1, Div.1.
  • L150
    - Same as EL150K1 with pilot-duty, grounded contact.



4-1/2 Inch Dial Level SWICHGAGE®OPLH Series:
4-1/2 inch (114 mm) dial mechanical/analog readout; adjustable high and low limit contacts.
(.pdf file)

  • Tanks and Wet Wells Level SWICHGAGE® OPLHC / OPLHACS Series
    - Same as OPLHAC with built-in latching relay for start/stop operation.



Level Maintainers / Regulators:


  • Lube Level Maintainers LM2000 Series (.pdf file)
    For small to medium size engines, pumps, or compressors.

LM2000 Series
  • LR579, LR580, LR589 (.pdf file)
    For cell type lubricators.

  • Lube Level Maintainers LM300 Series (.pdf file)
    For large size engines, pumps, or compressors.

LM300 Series



Lube Level SWICHGAGE®:


  • Engine Lube Level SWICHGAGE® L100, L120, L127, L128 Series (.pdf file)
    For small engines and pumps.


L129 Series
  • L971 Series (.pdf file)
    Crankcase level switch for Ingersoll Rand air compressors.

L971 Series



Level Switches:
(.pdf file)DF755

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Switch DF755 Series
    - Diaphragm actuated SPDT snap-switch.
    - Available for vented or non-vented tanks and in Class 1, Div 1
    DF755AL:  Aluminum case.
    DF755EXBR:  Bronze case.
    DF757:  Same as DF755 with adjustable switch differential up to 118 in. (3m).



Level Controls for Scrubbers:

  • Electric High Level Shutdown Switch L1100  (.pdf file)L1200
    - 1-1/2 NPT level switch.
    - Rated 2000 psi for Class 1, Div. 1.
    - SPDT snap-switch: Optional DPDT.
  • L1200
    - Same as L1100 except 2 NPT level switch.


  • Pneumatic Operated Dump Valves DV Series (.pdf file)DV Series
    - Dump valve for compressor scrubber tank condensate.
    - Direct mount into scrubber tank.
    - Valve open/close indicator button.
    - 1 NPT connection, 1/2 NPT drain connection.
    - 1 NPT connection, 3/4 NPT drain connection.
    - 2 NPT connection, 1 NPT drain connection