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  J1939 MurphyLink™ Solutions


Modern, electronically controlled engines and transmissions communicate using the SAE J1939 protocol over the Controller Area Network (CAN). Murphy offers the MurphyLink™ J1939 System to monitor the critical operating parameters broadcast over the CAN network providing vital information to equipment operators and service technicians.



MurphyLink System Features:

  • Transmits and receives data using SAE J1939 Controller Area Network Protocol
  • Components mount in 2-1/16 in. (3-3/8 in. Tachometer) standard hole cutout
  • 12 or 24 Volts DC Operation
  • LED back lighting
  • Proprietary RS485 Serial Communication link via twisted pair cable between Murphy Display and Diagnostic Module and MLink™ Analog Gages
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Meets SAE J1810
  • Operating Temperature -40 to +85C
  • Storage Temperature -60 to +85C
  • Positive mechanical locking electrical connectors
  • Clear lens, UV stabilized polycarbonate



Murphy Display and Diagnostic Module (MDDM) J1939 System Monitor:   (.pdf file)MDDM
Displays over 30 standard SAE J1939 parameters broadcast by major engine and transmission manufacturers’ electronic control modules (ECM). Also displays active and ECM stored fault codes to assist in diagnosing equipment malfunctions. Following are some of the J1939 parameters available on the MDDM back lit LCD display: engine hours, oil pressure, coolant temperature, system voltage, engine RPM, % load at current speed, fuel temperature, oil temperature, fuel pressure, engine oil level, coolant level, fuel rate, exhaust gas temperature, and fault codes.



MurphyLink™ Analog Gages: (.pdf file)MurphyLink Analog Gage
Displays critical data transmitted by the MDDM.  The gages have LCD back lighting and illuminated pointers so you don’t have to worry about incandescent bulbs burning out.  All are displayed in a 100% environmentally sealed case and come with a screw on mounting clamp and have a push-on plug connection.

  • Oil pressure MLink Analog Gage
    - For engine / Transmission Oil Pressure
  • MLink Coolant Temperature Gage
    - For Engine Coolant / Water Temperature
  • MLink Percent Load Analog Gage
    - For Engine Percent Load at Current RPM
  • MLink Analog Voltmeter
    - For Engine / Battery Voltage
  • MLink Analog Tachometer
    - For Engine RPM
  • MLinkAudible Alarm
    - Features Reset Key at the Front Face