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 RemoteLink Vital Data Communicators


RL-2000 and RL-4000 Series:

The RL-2000 and the RL-4000 are communication devices capable of transmitting fault or status messages, and receiving operational instructions such as starting or stopping equipment. Outbound messages identify the specific machine or piece of equipment, the date and time of occurrence and provide detailed messages. With their ability to accept both analog and discrete inputs, and their multiple discrete output capability, these communicators opens up a wide variety of Systems (GPS) feature will advise you of the exact physical position of the equipment.  This can be valuable where equipment may be mobile, or in the case of rental equipment, where it is desirable to know the exact location of the equipment.  Because they are microprocessor-based these devices can be factory programmed in various configurations.


  • RL-2000 Satellite Communication System   (.pdf file)RL-2000
    - Can include actual “Cause-of-Shut Down” in the transmitted
    - Can be configured to read the cause of shutdown from the
      Murphy Mark III annunciator’s BCD port.
    - GPS function to notify the user when equipment is moved from
      a site.
    - Inputs/Outputs: 6 Analog Inputs (4-20 mA, 0-5 V); 6 Discrete
      Outputs (TTL Logic Levels); Either BCD Conversion or 6
      Discrete Inputs.
  • RL-4000 Satellite Communicator and Control System   (.pdf file)
    The RL-4000 provides full remote equipment monitoring RL-4000and control. We select the network that make sense for you, either cdpd, Norcom™, Orbcom™, or landline to transmit data and commands, relating to your equipment operating conditions and/or perform control functions between remote locations.
    The RL-4000 consists of the Communicator and the full featured EMS547VF micro-processor based controller.  The controller three-button interface is used to enter/change the password protected operating parameters and system memory entry codes. All data available over the network is visible on the EMS547VF 32-character Vacuum-Fluorescent display.