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Diesel Engines Product Range


The FPT / Iveco diesel engine line covers outputs from 40 to 1600 kW with four families of engines: SOFIM HP1, NEF, CURSOR, and VECTOR.



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The smallest in displacement are the SOFIM HP1 diesels, four-cylinder, in-line 2.3 L and 3.0 L engines with typical ratings of 85.3 kW at 3800 rpm, and 125 kW at 3500 rpm, respectively. Both are four-valve-per-cylinder, twin overhead cam designs with electronically controlled common rail fuel systems. Both have cast iron block and an aluminum cylinder head.

Next up in displacement is the NEF, or New Engine Family, which are replacing Iveco’s 8000 Series. The NEF consists of three-, four-, and six- cylinder in-line models. The three-cylinder, 3.4 L diesel has an output of 58 kW at 2300 rpm, while the four-cylinder version is available with 3.9 L or 4.5 L displacements with an output of 125 kW at 2700 rpm. The six-cylinder NEF is offered as either a 5.9 L or 6.7 L diesel with an output of 202 kW at 2500 rpm. Noise is listed at 91 dB(A) at rated power for all versions. The NEF engines are cast iron block designs (structural versions also available) with cast iron cylinder heads. Both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines are available with two-valve-per-cylinder. Turbocharged and after-cooled engines are available with either two-or four-valves-per-cylinder. Both mechanical and electronically controlled common rail fuel systems are available.

The CURSOR engine family has three models, all six cylinder in-line designs: 7.8, 10.3, and 12.9 L, with outputs of 265 kW at 2100 rpm, 335 kW at 2100 rpm, and 397 kW at 1900 rpm. The four-valve-per-cylinder CURSOR diesels feature electronic unit injection with pressures above 23,000 psi. The engines also have electronically controlled turbochargers. Noise levels are listed below 95 dB(A) at rated speed.

The top of the line are the VECTOR engines available in V6, V8, V12, and V16 configurations, with displacements of 15, 20, 30, and 40 L. Respective outputs are 540 kW, 720 kW, 1080 kW, and 1440 kW, all at 2100 rpm. Electronically controlled common rail diesels with total electronic control, the VECTOR engines are also four-valve-per-cylinder designs and use waste-gated turbochargers. These engines, along with the CURSOR models, are also seen as high performance marine propulsion candidates, along with their gen-set and industrial uses.