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Let design an FPT / Iveco engine unit for you.  Depending on your application we can build an FPT / Iveco unit to meet your needs. We are able to build pump units and generator sets. Look below for examples of’s custom built and installed units.



Hale / FPT / Iveco Unit

This unit is built with an FPT / Iveco 8210SI engine coupled to a Hale 60FBG pump. It is capable of 125 psi @ 2500 gpm.

Hale 60FBG with Iveco 8210SI
Hale 60FBG / Iveco 8210SI



Hale / FPT / Iveco Pump Unit

This pump unit uses an FPT / Iveco 8065SU engine coupled to a Hale 60FB pump.  It features a flow of 1500 gpm @ 110 psi.

Hale 60 FB unit with Iveco 8065SU
Hale 60FB / Iveco 805SU



Hale / FPT / Iveco Unit

This unit uses an FPT / Iveco 8045 engine coupled to a Hale 50FB pump. It features a flow of 800 gpm @ 120 psi.

Hale 50 FB unit with Iveco 8045

Hale 50 FB / Iveco 8045



Sykes / FPT / Iveco Unit

This built and installed unit has an FPT / Iveco 8035 engine coupled to a Sykes GP150 pump.  It is capable of 1700 gpm @ 70 feet of head, and has a suction lift of 26 feet.

Sykes GP150 unit with Iveco 8035
Sykes GP150 / Iveco 8035



DC Generator Set / FPT / Iveco Unit

This is a 100 kW DC Generator Set powered by an FPT / Iveco 8065SU Engine.

100 kW DC Gen Set with Iveco 8065SU
100 kW DC GenSet / Iveco Unit