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Lister-Petter Engines LPA2 and LPA3 Alpha Series Engines

Both the LPA2 and LPA3 models are air-cooled dLPA2 and LPA3 Lister-Petter Enginesirect injection diesel engines built with ribbed thin-wall cast iron crankcase for quiet operation and have extra large bearing surfaces for low bearing loads and long life. The crankcase includes a service door for easy access and also has an internal crankcase breather for reduced emissions. The engines are air cooled by means of a highly efficient axial flow fan mounted at the gear end of the engine and they are designed for continuous operation in ambients up to 125 degrees. These engines have a direct injection combustion system for quick starting (no glow time) and low fuel combustion. Their recommended oil change period is at 250 hours.


Specifications for LPA2 & LPA3 “Alpha” Series Engines




Power Output @ 3000 RPM:

13.9 hp (Continuous power)

20.9 hp (Continuous power)

15.3 hp (Intermittent Power)

23.1 hp (Intermittent Power)

Number of Cylinders:




76.0 mm

76.0 mm

2.99 in.

2.99 in.




3.15 in.

3.15 in.

Cylinder Capacity:

0.726 litre

1.089 litre

44.3 in.3

66.5 in.3

Lubricating Oil Capacity: (including filter)

3.2 litre

4.4 litre

5.6 pint

7.7 pint

Fuel Consumption @ 2500 RPM: (75% load)

1.9 l/h

2.9 l/h

3.4 pt/h

5.1 pt/h

Dry Weight:

229 lb

291 lb


17.8 in. (length)

21.7 in. (length)

20.3 in. (width)

20.3 in. (width)

22.6 in. (height)

22.6 in. (height)

Standard Features:

  • Belt driven axial flow fan
  • Flywheel drilled for automatic clutch
  • Flywheel housing with SAE5 flange
  • Fuel filter with water trap
  • Fuel lift pump
  • Governor - fixed or variable speed
  • Grey paint finish
  • Inlet & exhaust manifolds
  • Inlet manifold heater plug
  • Lubricating oil filter
  • Self-vent fuel system
  • Tapping for speed detection
  • Operator’s handbook


  • Air cleaner - medium or heavy duty
  • Alternative speed and stop/run control devices
  • Engine protection switches & solenoids
  • Exhaust flanges or silencers
  • Fan drive guards
  • Flywheel end drives, shaft extensions, couplings
  • Gauges - supplied loose
  • Gear end drives
  • Hydraulic pump drives - gear end and/or flywheel end
  • Inlet and outlet cooling air ducting
  • Start panels - mounted or loose
  • 12 volt starter motor & 45 amp battery charging alternator
  • 12 litre fuel tank