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Lister-Petter Engines “L” Series Industrial Engines

LT1 and LV1 are the two types of engines in the “L” series. They are both air-cooled direct LT1  Engineinjection diesel engines and are built with a cast iron crankcase for durability and have large bearing surfaces for low bearing loads and long life. They are air-cooled by means of a highly efficient flywheel mounted fan and are designed for continuous operation in ambients up to 125 degrees. They have a direct injection combustion system for easy starting and low fuel consumption and the LV1 engine includes a self vent fuel system. Both have a self regulating plunger type pump that supplies oil under pressure to all of the important bearing surfaces. The recommended oil service interval is every 250 hours.


Specifications for “L” Series Engines




Power Output @ 3000 RPM:

7.5 hp (Continuous power)

9.0 hp (Continuous power)

8.3 hp (Intermittent power)

9.9 hp (Intermittent power)

Number of Cylinders:







82.6 mm

85.7 mm

3.25 in.

3.37 in.


76.2 mm

82.6 mm

3.00 in.

3.25 in.

Cylinder Capacity:

0.408 litre

0.477 litre

24.9 in.3

29.1 in.3

Lubricating Oil Capacity: (including filter)

1.3 liter

1.3 liter

2.3 pint

2.3 pint

Fuel Consumption @ 2500 RPM: (75% load)

1.6 l/h

1.8 l/h

2.7 pt/h

3.1 pt/h

Dry Weight:

183 lbs

183 lbs


13.9 in. (length)

14.0 in. (length)

14.6 in. (width)

15.5 in. (width)

19.8 in. (height)

19.8 in. (height)

Standard Equipment:

  • Inlet & exhaust manifold
  • Decompressor lever
  • Sheet metal or cast SAE5 fanshroud depending on build
  • Lifting eye (LV1)
  • Governor - fixed (LT1) or variable speed
  • Green paint finish
  • Operator’s handbook
  • Self-vent fuel system (LV1)


  • Air Cleaner - medium duty
  • Alternative paint finishes
  • Alternative speed and stop/run control devices
  • Engine protection switches & solenoids
  • Exhaust silencers
  • Exhaust and manifold lagging
  • Flywheel and gear end adaptors
  • Flywheel end shaft extensions, couplings and pulleys
  • Fuel filters
  • Fuel tanksGear end shaft extensions
  • Hydraulic pump drives - gear end (LV1) or flywheel end
  • Rope start at flywheel end
  • Starting handle - in both limited kickback or non limited kickback versions
  • 12 volt starter motor
  • Tool kit