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Spin on Series

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Whatever the size, model or application of your engine, there's a Racor fuel filter/water separator that will make it run cleaner, smoother and longer. And while all Racor filter/separators share advanced technology and water-repelling Aquabloc media, there are important differences in features and configurations. Take time to carefully review the specifications so that you can be sure of maximum efficiency and optimum protection from your Racor filtration system.

Lightweight Heavyweights
Easy to install, and even easier to service, there are specific assembly, filter element and option packages to match every application.

  • Install a compact spin-on filter/separator with an integral heater to maximize equipment uptime in cold weather operations.
  • Spin a filter/separator with a see-thru bowl and replaceable Aquabloc element directly on to an existing engine filter head.
  • Most models feature heads with multiple ports, so installation is quick and easy.
  • There are metal bowls for gasoline or severe operating conditions.
  • There's a choice of thermostatically-controlled heaters - coolant, electric resistance and PTC - to prevent fuel gelling and waxing. Some models allow for a combination of heaters to assist starting and keep engines running in cold climates.