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Liquid Filtration Series

Full Flow Description and Application Information
Bypass Description and Application Information
Liquid Filtration Series Specifications
Liquid Filtration Series Assemblies

With Racor Liquid Filtration Systems you can save your engines, save time, save money and even help save the environment. These revolutionary systems replace lube oil and other filters with a cleanable stainless steel wire cloth filter. The service alert signals that the reusable filter has reached capacity. A quick wash-up in a solvent and you're back under power.

Racor Liquid Filtration Systems are for diesel or gasoline engines. They are proven to be highly reliable and more cost effective than paper-type oil filters. They completely eliminate costly EPA filter disposal worries and related liabilities. Engine owners also have the opportunity to combine the Racor Full-Flow Liquid Filtration System with a highly efficient, environmentally-safe Bypass Oil Liquid Filtration System.

The Racor Bypass Oil Series removes dirt, varnish, ash, tar, soot and other contaminates that primary, Full-Flow filters cannot eliminate from your engine's oil. The system also removes condensed water which forms damaging acids if left in the oil. Elimination of contaminates extends the life of oil, allows the oil to lubricate more efficiently and extends additive life.

Full Flow Series

Bypass Series