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ECO® Series Spin-On Disposable Air Cleaners


ECO Series Air Cleaner

With its revolutionary spin-on design, the completely disposable ECO Series offers faster, safer, more trouble-free service than any other air cleaner today. Built for rugged use, it combines maximum engine protection with fuel-efficient performance and long service life.

The ECO Series provides two significant improvements in engine protection.  When the filter loads with dirt and replacement is required, collected dust and debris stay safely contained inside the disposable housing, eliminating the chance of contaminating the air intake system during air filter service. Since the ECO Series uses no clean air gaskets, you never have to worry about gasket leakage. The beaded outlet simply hooks up to the intake with a rubber connection and clamp, creating a leak-tight seal.

Air flow distribution and dust loading are uniform throughout the high-performance filter cone pack, resulting in increased capacity and lower pressure differential for improved horsepower and fuel economy. All ECO Series Spin-On Filters feature water-resistant media for improved performance and optimum life.





  • Easy upgrade for existing air cleaners with separate elements
  • Fast and easy to service with no housing to clean
  • It is safe - it eliminates the chance of dusting an engine during service
  • Economical scheduled maintenance design
  • Choice of three inlet locations to match new or retrofit applications


  • For light and medium duty applications; smaller fleet and stationary engines up to 300 hp
  • Easy to service, compact, lightweight, high-efficiency design
  • Durable urethane outlet eliminates additional rubber connection
  • Straight-thru design improves pressure differential in smaller engine air intakes


  • Spin-On disposable features in a Long Life high performance version
  • When extended maintenance intervals or severe service element life improvement is desired
  • Choice of inlet locations
  • More surface area than scheduled maintenance style


  • Compact air cleaner with reverse flow flexibility
  • Tapered offset cone design assures uniform air distribution, minimizes air restriction and maximizes element service life
  • Positive barrier, pleated paper media is set in a superior quality adhesive for a permanent seal
  • The only air filter available with choice of flow directions in a single part number
  • Airflow may enter or exit end opening
  • Efficiency is rated 99.9%
  • No seals or gaskets to replace
  • Housing is strong, lightweight, rust resistant steel

This Spin-On disposable air cleaner features a Slimline design for vertical installations requiring tight or limited space restrictions such as behind truck cab.

  • Inside-out vertical applications only
  • Drain valve in base for water removal

ECO®-CM Cowl Mount
For cowl-mount installation on conventional style truck cabs.

  • Polished stainless steel cover
  • Replaceable filter element includes inlet nozzle and water drain valve
  • Air inlet/rain cap is standard
  • Right and left-hand versions
  • No bolts or filter gaskets needed to seal housing
  • Fits most existing mounting hole configurations