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Crankcase Ventilation Filter Systems


Crankcase Ventilation System Description and Application Information
Carnkcase Ventilation Closed Systems Specifications
Crankcase Ventilation Open Systems Specifications

As engine manufacturers reduce exhaust emissions, crankcase blow-by vented to the atmosphere has become a larger contributor to the total emissions. To further reduce the total emissions of engines, it is becoming necessary to rout these gases into the air intake system. Crankcase blow-by is produced when combustion gases, under high pressure, become contaminated with oil mist when blown past the piston rings into the crankcase.

In a closed system, this contaminated blow-by is ingested by the engine intake system. While the closed crankcase breather system offers the highest reduction in measurable emissions, the impact of unfiltered crankcase blow-by on engine components and performance must be considered.

Closed System Applications

40 CFM

20 CFM

10 CFM

Racor CCVtm systems offer superior protection against contaminated crankcase blow-by and provide engine operators a highly effective solution which is easy to install and maintain. In a robust, compact package, the patented Racor CCV closed crankcase ventilation filter system provide superior oil coalescence and crankcase pressure control under the most severe conditions.

The only routine maintenance required for the Racore Crankcase Ventilation Filter System is filter replacement.  Typical service life of the high performance filter in diesel applications is 750 hours.  Some variations in service life occur depending on load profile, engine wear condition, flow and aerosol mass concentration of crankcase emissions, and soot concentration.