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Air Filters


Marine Air Filters Specifications


Racor Engine Air Filters trap up to 8 times more contaminants than conventional, single-stage, pleated paper filters, eliminating soot plating, salt and water ingestion and surface loading. Because the synthetic media is water-repelling, Racor Air Filters also eliminate a host of moisture-related problems such as icing and corrosion. They will not prematurely clog from the oily carbon soot in exhaust fumes. All this and extra capacity means more efficient engine operation, lower maintenance costs and better overall performance.

Progressive Layers Of Filtration
The Racor Engine Air Filter has a unique multi-stage design utilizing depth-loading filtration technology which traps contaminants in progressively denser stages of the media. The larger particulates are separated first so smaller particulates donít load and clog the surface as they do with conventional pleated paper filters.

Less Restricted Air Flow
Innovative aircraft grade aluminum and thermoplastic frame design allow a 90% open area - and the benefit is virtually unrestricted air flows through the filter, letting engines breathe easy and improving fuel economy.

Running At Peak Efficiency
Racor Engine Air Filters get to their maximum efficiency sooner, reaching 100% efficiency after only 5,000 miles versus the 10,000 miles it takes for pleated paper air filters. With Engine Air Filters running at peak efficiency sooner and lasting longer, expect smoother, longer-running engines.

Service Considerations
Because it performs so well, it is not uncommon for the Racor Engine Air Filter to appear as if it has reached its capacity. Generally, there is considerable service life left. The only way to know when the filter has reached capacity is to measure the restriction, at service intervals.
A helpful and effective way to verify restriction is with the Filter Minder. It provides a quick and accurate assessment of the air filter condition and remaining service life. The Filter Minder is available from Racor.

Air Filters for Light Duty Diesels
Racor now offers a full line of air filters designed specifically for the most popular light duty trucks on the road ñ Dodge, GMC and Navistar International. These filters provide the same twice-the-life guarantee as all Racor Engine Air Filters Twice-The-Life synthetic media filters are available immediately for the following light duty diesel engines/applications:

  • Cummins 5.9L 1992-1996 Dodge
  • GMC 6.2L and 6.5L
  • Navistar International 6.9L (including Ford F Series trucks and E Series Vans)
  • Navistar International 7.3L Non-Turbo and turbo ATS (including 1988-1994 Ford F Series Trucks and E Series Vans)
  • Navistar International T444E Turbo (including 1994-1996 Ford F Series trucks and E Series Vans)