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MP Pumps HTO 80, 120, 300 Pumps


HTO 80The HTO 80, 120, and 300 Pumps are a patented, unique centrifugal pump designed for high temperature applications such as the plastics, chemical, food and processing industries. The pump can be used in horizontal or vertical positions and  and is available with or without an electric motor.  These pumps are air cooled so there is no cooling jacket or flush required.  Each hot oil pump can pump fluids up to 650 degrees.






HTO 80   (.pdf file)

1 1/2” NPT (Flange Option)

1 1/4” NPT (Flange Option)

HTO 120  (.pdf file)

2” NPT (Flange Option)

1 1/2” NPT (Flange Option)

HTO 300  (.pdf file)

3” ANSI 125 Flange

2 1/2” ANSI 125 Flange



Performance Curve for HTO 80 Pump



Performance Curve for HTO 120 Pump



Performance Curve for HTO 300 Pump